When I Get to 80

My main is a warlock, more specifically, an affliction warlock named Srotacilpud. Right now she is leveled to about 79.5. Being on vacation, I’m not doing any questing/grinding to get her to level cap, though that is of course on the top of my to do list. I have somewhat of a plan once she gets to 80 especially in regards to gear. Without the immediate plans of raiding/instancing, I figure I will buy her some new threads from the AH. I am fairly comfortable with her stats right now, though a lot of improvement is possible. At 80, when facing a raid boss, with no improvement to hit rating, I will miss 17% of the time. However, since I will most likely not be raiding, I will not need to worry about this currently. As I understand it, in order hit 5 man heroic bosses 100% of the time, I only need to make up 6% (157.39) hit rating (http://www.wowwiki.com/Spell_hit). Not sure the heroics are in the cards, but I’m hopeful. Right now, she’s rolling at about 151 hit without any aid from speccing. I will probably re-arrange my spec once I hit 80 so that will potentially give me a boost to hit rating. Sadly, I am somewhat of a spec-aholic, re-speccing often, though I have settled into a fairly cookie cutter spec for max dps. With hit rating being in a fairly comfy place, I really want to beef up my spellpower, haste, spirit, and crit without sacrificing too much stamina ant intellect. In my experience in looking for gear, that means more blues and purples, and that means $$$$ or instances/raiding. Here are 2 basic plans for gear. The first profile is made up of some things I can immediately buy from the AH when Pud dings 80. The second is a wish list of uber-expensive gear from the AH that might not be worth the cash spent. It might be better overall to get friendly with a tailor and get them some mats and tip money for some of this gear. The “Early 80” little set-up will get me a slight increase in sp, haste, and crit, though my stamina does take a small dive. We’ll see though, if the situation arises that I need more hit, I most likely would go with some +hit gear like the Ebonweave Robe etc. This gear is all pretty affordable though and the only thing I’m somewhat saving for is my Artisan Riding skill, which for me isn’t as important.   Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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