Pud the Afflock, Pud the Destrolock

So, somewhere around 78 I finally purchased dual talent specialization for Pud. My original idea was to have another spec of affliction geared more for pvp instead of pve dps. I decided, however, to try out this destruction/mage-like thing. I must say, the burst damage method of playing is a totally different feel and strategy than that of affliction. With affliction, fights might take a bit longer, but with so many life-replenishing abilities, i.e., haunt, siphon life, drain life, I am able to leave most fights with full/near-full health and mana. With destro, not so much, especially when taking on multiple mobs at once. The one thing I especially love though about destro is the speed of single mob fights. You can run in having your imp attack, then immolate, chaos bolt, conflagrate, maybe incinerate – dead, and the cooldowns on conflag. and cb are not very long so taking down the next mob can be very quick as well. If I had to guess, I’d say it takes about half the time to kill a single mob with destro vs. affliction FUN! The other fun thing in the middle of all this, is that you get to see all those high crit numbers popping up while the mob is slowly running at you.

In the end, all this quickness is still not enough to sway me from being Pud the afflock though. When taking on multiple mobs, and by muliple I mean 2 – 5 non-elites in pve, if you play things right, you can live indefinitely, taking down every mob at a constant rate, muahaha-ing all the while. A fun time for this is farming for xp/frostweave in Icecrown, demonstrated by this video (I need to make one of my own). The other big thing is that affliction just seems so much more warlocky than hurling fire like a mage. Killing things slowly with abilities titled corruption, unstable affliction, haunt, pandemic, etc. just feels, well, evil. Again, muahaha. Anyway, for now I’m having fun rolling both, though pvp may change things, and I know destro is great for that as well, just different. In testing out rotations with each at this point, I know, I know, I’m not 80 yet, I am able to achieve almost identical numbers for boss-fight sustained dps. I won’t say what those numbers are right now to avoid embarrassment, but the numbers are very close with affliction barely on top. That may change though when I get to 80 adding in the third major glyph for each spec. Fun fun. More on rotations in a later post, btw.

Srotacilpud – affliction
Srotacilpud – destruction

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