Rhysys Priestess

Playing my lowbie shadow priest has actually been a lot more fun to play lately. She just dinged 24 and had her first real experience as a healer. While questing in Hillsbrad Foothills, I had some tough wanted poster quests, no elites, but some higher level baddies. As I was working through some of these quests, a pally of the same level rode in and asked about partying up for some of the quests. Suspiciously, I accepted and to my amazement, we cut through these quests quite well, the pally was amazing btw. I rather enjoyed trying to time my heals and shield on the pally, but the hardest thing for me was mana management. Unlike my lock, who can kill, kill, kill without replenishing often, Rysys would go out of mana after about every 3 or 4 mobs. Granted, these mobs were a good deal higher level than we were, but I soon learned the importance of timing heals and not just topping off as needed. I need to look a little further down the holy and discipline trees to see what kinds of replenishment will become available; as I’m reasonably sure something will be. For the time being, however, Rhysys continues to have a slight drinking problem, hooked on the melon juice. Another thing I found to be tricky, was getting in the mindset of selecting the pally instead of the mob. I would occasionally throw a couple dots on the mob and then try to tab select pally, then click select pally in middle of screen, then finally realize, “oh yeah, I can click on him in the party list.” I can imagine this would get a little trickier with multiple party or raid members, though I’m sure there has to be some healing-centric add-ons for this very purpose.

All in all, teaming up and learning a new strategy was a blast, though Rysys will continue to be a shadow priest through and through.  The only downside is the many similarities in gameplay to my afflock. Oh well, plan continues to be shadow til dual spec is available and I can afford it, then maybe get a little holy.

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