Farmer Pud

Here is a video of what I had mentioned in a previous post was one of the more fun/afflock things to do, multiple targets.  I learned about this spot from enickma1221.  Anyway, here’s how it goes. with each neutral mob that runs at you, put Corruption and  CoA on them.  Then try to have a Haunt up on one of them as much as you can.  Between Corruption returning health with Siphon Life, and Haunt returning health when it’s done, you can pretty much keep killing and looting indefinitely.  Throwing in a drain life here and there if it gets sticky helps too.  Voidwalker works great also, especially with the Sacrifice shield, though I like using the felhound whenever possible.  With Dark Pact to take mana from my pup and the excellent intellect and spirit buff he gives, I find it hard to pass him up.  I also recently tried out the Improved Felhunter talent, since it looks like most raiding locks have it and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome with Dark Pact.  I can take a big chunk of his mana and as he’s attacking, doing his bite, he actually gains mana, quickly.  So, he can act as a nice little mana battery as well.  In the end, this area is pretty good for farming gold and great for farming frostweave. It’s also great for gaining xp.  I farmed here in large chunks from level 78 -80 when questing would get boring.  Goldwise, I probably end up around 100g per hour here.  I mostly prefer to use the AH for making gold with gathered mats and crafted goods though.  I think gold/hour earned is quite a bit higher that way, but you have to wait for it. I’m open to any suggestions on better methods. 🙂

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