PVP Gear and Resiliently Pwned

About a week ago, I decided I was done having my fun with a destro spec. I re-specced a second affliction pvp spec and headed off for battlegrounds. It had been quite a while, maybe since level 60, that I had participated in any battlegrounds. I remembered, back then when I had looked at pvp gear available for purchase with honor points at level 80, that those pieces were extremely costly (~50,000 honor points) based on the few hundred points per battleground that one could earn. This time though, when I opened up the pvp window to look for a battleground, there was this awesome battleground finder (the awesomeness was in the form of points awarded). For a random battleground win, one could get 3,000 some honor points and 25 arena points for a victory. This was huge compared to what things used to be like. Of course, points awarded were much less for a loss, though running through randoms a few times usually yielded a victory. Once a victory had been accomplished, points awarded for a random were cut nearly in half, but these were still much higher numbers than a non-random would award.

So, needless to say, I was very happy. Those 200 some level pieces of gear were within fairly quick reach, and I leaned more towards the idea of getting high level pvp gear through battlegrounds, than spending committed hours running tons of pugs. Battlegrounds take roughly 10-25 min. each, which is not a huge time commitment.  Ideally, I would like to have separate gear for pvp and pve, but that’s going to take a while. The pvp gear would boost my spell power, haste, stamina, intellect, etc. enough to make a big difference in dps and usefulness in pvp and instances. I would more than likely have to add some +hit on a few pieces though, if I were to run some 5 mans and such.

What happened next though, was quite disheartening.  As I stepped into the first bg, I noticed I was getting pwned, BADLY!  I was barely able to dish out any damage, and nearly everyone was 2 and 3 shotting me.  I was landing pretty much everything I was dishing out, I just wasn’t putting out much damage and I was dying quickly.  How could this be? I held my own very well in bg’s through the 50s and 60s.  I watched as others on my team would take part in these looonnnnggg fights with health moving in small bits.  I even saw another afflock taking on 2 or 3 guys at once while I died.  Then, after waiting the 15 seconds or so for res, I ran back to the spot where said afflock was fighting and what did I find? He was still going!  I couldn’t believe it. Was I really that bad?  Finally, a question began to tug at me. Could resilience really make that much difference?  The answer was of course, oh yes, it does.  I then spent some time watching and participating in duels outside of org, and as others confirmed, “Low res gear gets hit hard.”  In looking up info on the effects of resilience it reduces pretty much all damage taken, crits, dots, direct damage, everything. Add into this the huge health pools of those geared up in full 200+ gear and you have a much more durable toon.

So, I began to feel a little better about my weakness.  I just needed to get some better gear and as always, improve my play-style as well. So far, I’ve built up some pieces of pvp gear and am very excited to be fully geared up with over 1000 resilience included.  So the new gear plan is this. The only things I couldn’t get my hands on through pvp are a better weapon and wand.  If I earned a lot of arena points, I could get these, but since I’m not planning on teaming up right now, I had to find another way.  The Blade of the Keening Banshee can be obtained through the Argent Tournament and I still need to figure out a better wand. Right now I’m on a bit of a wow break, so maybe when I come back I can do enough pugging to get myself a shiny new 200+ level wand. Please feel free to drop some advice or comments. Cheers!

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