Glory, Glory, Man United

Well, it’s been a little while since my last playing post.  A bit has happened since then and I am officially back on my account again.  Apart from trying to stay up to date on what to expect from Cata, I have now started a new toon on Cenarion Circle.  Due to the piles of fun I’ve been having with some fellow bloggers on BA, I joined up with the Builder’s League United guild.  BLU is a 10 man raiding guild GM’d by Stop from The Stoppable Force.  Since I am still farily green as a WoW player, I decided to explore Pud’s nemesis class, the rogue.

Working with the rogue has been a welcome break from all the warlockery that I’ve been involved in over the past several months.  Pud is rather in the early stages of gearing up, but I think I’m going to let her take a vacation for a bit.  Tyrwin is my new rogue and playing him thus far has been a blast.  As I am learning the rogue class, I thought I might share some of my learnings along the way.  He is still pretty low so there aren’t too many rogue intricacies I can prattle on about at this point.  One thing that I have worked with a bit though is my equipped weapons and speccing.  I started out rolling with Tyrwin as an assassination spec.  I think in the end this very well could be the spec for him, though while leveling, it has/had been a pain in his belf butt.  Now please feel free to chime in on my findings here, but I found assassination to not play well at low levels.  In using a dagger/dagger combination for weapons, I would find myself sprinting out of battle if more than one toon of equal level as me, yes EQUAL LEVEL, started pounding on me.  The spec just didn’t seem to have a lot of consistency.  If I started out with stealth, backstab, gouge, backstab, SS, and Eviscerate, things could, in theory, go very well.  The problem would come with the times it would not go well.  The the dual wield hit penalty and a general lack of +hit with the early spec, meant I had the potential for a great many misses.  When I was hitting and criting, things were great.  When I wasn’t, it sucked!  All this slowed my leveling waaaayy down at around level 11.

All of this irritating me, I decided to hunt around on the web a bit and talk to some rogues, TY to you all, you know who you are. ;).  Most of my findings pointed me to level with either combat or subtlety specs, combat giving a more sustained, even output and sub giving many more options for stealthing and escaping.  In the end I’m going to explore both specs, though to start with, I went with combat and there is a definite difference.  Getting the improved SS and Dual Wield Specialization has been a big improvement.  Pairing the spec change with putting a harder hitting, slower sword in my main hand for SS has really turned things around.  Now I can take on mobs 2 – 4 levels higher and multiple mobs aren’t nearly as much of an issue.  My misses still happen, but my damage output isn’t dependant on landing backstabs which hit hard, but are cumbersome at these low levels, having to gouge to get behind the mob or stealthing to start every fight.  The result is a little more boring though.  With the way I fight now – run in, SS (once or twice depending on projected length of fight), S and D, SS, SS, SS until dead – I miss out many of the purely rogue abilities. *sigh* The sub spec sounds like it would bring a lot of that gameplay back, so I’m sure I will be testing it out fairly soon as well and posting about it.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I should be posting a bit more often now.  If any of you happen by CC server, give me a shout.  Comments appreciated. 🙂

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2 Responses to Glory, Glory, Man United

  1. Kieran says:

    Yeah, Assassination is more of a fast shred for PvP early on. You might look at it again at around, say, 40-50, when you get Overkill and Mutilate. Like most specs in the game, you don’t really get to see what makes Assassination what it is until then. It’s another thing that should be fixed with the Cataclysm talent system. Mutilate at level 10? Yes please!

    • revoemag says:

      Thanks for the excellent comments! As I am now, at level 49, I’m ready to do dual spec and get into Assassination. That may be on hold until the next patch when we get dual talent for 100 gold. And yeah, I think the new talent system really shines in giving some kind of a feel for each tree early on. Can’t wait for massive burst assassination damage! Now where did I put those daggers of mine?

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