Going Clubbing with a Side of Pokey, Pokey

Just a brief update.  Since my last post things have been going fairly well on Tyrwin with his S-words combo.  Once I learned Ambush though, I decided to go back to my daggers and see how well they would do with the new ability.  For levels 18 and 19, Ambush was a really nice opener, taking mobs down to about 1/2 health right away.  This got me excited to get back to poking, though once again, with multiple mobs, I just couldn’t hold up, especially with Ambush being a stealth only attack.  Soooo, I made a decision to once again pull out my swords and get trained with 1H clubs, fist weapons, and 1H axes.  Clubbing seems to be working great atm, though right now I’ve got a pretty slow off hand sword equipped (1.9 I think).  Once again, at least for leveling, the slower, higher max damage weapon in the main hand seems to put out much more “consistent” damage, which works much better for multiple mobs 2 or 3 levels higher than Tyr.  Normal attack sequence: Garrote, SS, SnD, SS, SS, SS, dead.  How I long for the days of getting away from toe to toe fighting and getting back to rogue-ish techniques. *sigh*

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3 Responses to Going Clubbing with a Side of Pokey, Pokey

  1. Stop says:

    Well, if you’re up for something a bit more rogueish, I believe Tyr’s caught up to Bishamel – we could do some randoms, if you want, and you can leech off of my awesome tank queue timer.

  2. Kieran says:

    Combat is definitely going to be more a sword/axe/mace spec. Ambush is a cool opener, but it’s better to keep daggers for Assassination or Sub, both of which are significantly intertwined with daggers to the point of being close to unplayable with any other weapon. The side effect there is really that Combat is crummy with daggers, because it has no way of making up for the terrible weapon speed or buffing up it’s ability damage while using a dagger. This should be even more apparent in Cataclysm I think. Personally I enjoyed leveling as Assassination, but that could be because I played Combat Swords before that…. I’m looking forward to leveling my next rogue, what with rogues getting a heal in Cataclysm.

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