The Weeks in Review

Well, again it has been a busy few weeks.  Tyrwin is now sitting at 66 and has continued to level mostly through dungeons.  Spec-wise, he has now purchased dual spec and is mostly running as Assassination, or Mut, or my preference, Ass.  In other news, Pud got her Headless Horseman mount on the first try.  She did come up short on the Hallowed title this year, but there is always next year.

In Tyrwin news:

Thaaaaat's it Warlock. It's over there. Turn just a little more. You don't hear aaaaanything behind you.

Hmm, Wha? I didn't say anything. Must've been that other guy that was behind me.

Rogue vs. Ninja

Last week, after much preparation, meditation, and working out, Tyrwin decided to take on his toughest foe to date, the Ninja.  He was fed up with hearing remarks like: “Not even the best Rogue could ever go toe to toe with a Ninja,” and “Rogues are soooo not as cool as Ninjas!” Tyrwin was at his limit, so he decided to take on this particularly overrated loser-Ninja right in the middle of Org.  The staring match TO THE DEATH unfolded as follows:

The battle started out as expected, the opponents both cold as ice, utterly focused. A few passers by started to gather around, including Myschievous on her ridiculously large ram.

For what seemed like days, the two stayed locked in each other's gaze. Neither of the two dared flinch for fear the other might take advantage of any weakness. The crowd began to grow restless. Even Myschievous seemed to lose interest, knowing it was only a matter of time anyway before the Ninja was bested.

Though Tyrwin gave the match all he had, in the end it was unfortunately not enough.

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