Ok, so it’s been a long time since I’ve written, during which time, I passed my 1 year blogiversary. The last time I was logged in, the shattering had just happened and Org was all messedupified.  Soon after that, my subscription ran out and I didn’t play WoW again until last week. Well…. sort of. I had heard a short time before, that Blizz was offering free play for trial accounts, with the level cap set at  20.  I didn’t pay it much attention, but one evening when I happened to see that one of my trial accounts, from maybe a year ago, could be activated with this new trial account system I thought, why not.  For the moment, I’ve got little bits of free time here and there, and really don’t have time to commit to a WoW relationship.  Once August/September come, my free time is very limited by work, so for the moment, I thought I’d give it a shot.

So anyway, I logged in with an old trial troll rogue and took some time re-familiarizing myself with New Orgrimmar and simply having a little bit of fun in the Northern Barrens.  The next day I decided to do something new that the trial account would allow, and that was to play a gnome. (cue sinister organ music, or more appropriately, happy twisted calliope music) I really had not spent much time on any alliance race, and so I figured it was time to see the great mountain city of Ironforge, the stately Stormwind, and the… oh Hell I dunno, just do some alliance stuff.

Concerning gnomes: they like to be the little spoon while you are asleep/away.

In choosing a server, I went ahead with Ursin, a server on which dwells the ever blogfamous and (I suppose contractually I have to say it) “sexy” Jed of Jed’s Corner of WoW Shenanigans.  Jed has been one of my acquaintances… friends…. nemeses…. frienemies… that hangs out in the Blog Azeroth chatroom.  Anyway, as a pretty young WoW player, there were several classes that I hadn’t yet played for more than a few minutes. I figured to get my bearings pretty easily, playing another rogue was a good idea and hence Plazlo (random name) was made.  The little bugger has been a lot of fun I must admit.  When running around, the animations and size give the impression that he’s pretty speedy, kind of the opposite of the lumbering Tauren.  Racial abilities work ok for being a rogue.  Shortblade Specialization is nice and Escape Artist isn’t bad for PvP.  Honestly though, I really miss Arcane Torrent from Tyrwin which would grant 15 energy instantly when used.  This was very nice for both PvP and putting up some better numbers in PvE.

Anyway,  I just wanted to get this first post out and I am planning on posting some thoughts, realizations, stories, silliness and various other stuff from playing on a trial account.  I realize that playing on a trial account is pretty lame, though with little bits of time available here and there, there may be some fun to be had.

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