WoW Single Player Mode

Being a bit behind on my posting, I’ve had quite a bit of activity in my trial playing of WoW up to this point.  I capped out at level 20 a few days after starting and really have been pseudo gearing up/maxing out Plazlo (twinking comes to mind, but not quite).  The thing about attempting to do this, is that there are many limitations.

Dungeon Finder opens up at level 15, which honestly, without it, I really don’t think I would have played Plazlo for so long.  With the DF open, gearing up your little level 20 buddy is somewhat of a possibility, depending on your definition of “gearing up.”  Once level 20 is achieved, in the DF there are 6 possibilities for dungeons; Ragefire Chasm, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Wailing Caverns, The Stockade, and Blackfathom Deeps.  The latter 4 offer, as you would imagine, the better options for gear with SFK and WC yielding gear up to about level 21 and BFD and Stocks giving up to roughly level 25 gear.  All this ilevel business, again as you would expect, really doesn’t necessarily mean you will want to be sporting the highest level possible.  At this level, much of what you want equipped can be situational, depending if you’re just gonna run 5 mans, quest, or do some PvP.  For instance, some of the highest ilevel gear I’ve obtained has a bit more stamina than some of the lower pieces, with more of the lower level pieces having substantially more agility and crit.  So generally, I’ll throw on the stamina gear for battlegrounds and higher dps gear for 5 mans, so situational.  Anyways, maxing out all these cute little pieces works fine, but partway through the process, I thought I’d get some things enchanted.  There was of course one glaring problem, gear or mats cannot be traded in trial versions, which shuts down the option for trade windows.  Also, no communication in trade chat, no using the mail system, and also no access to the auction house, period.  This basically leaves one option, Plazlo the enchanting rogue.  He also is a full time badass with a needle and thread, adding tailoring to his enchantificationism as a good provider of greens to disenchant.  Ok, so enchanting ones own gear is an option, though professions are limited to skill levels of 100, so the enchants are pretty meager in reality, though they do add a little bit to health and damage output in the case of Plaz.  There also was a bit of thought about stocking up on enchants and then switching profs to jewelcrafting to get some better bling, but really there were better rings to be had between quests and PvP.

All this gearing/enchanting allows for some decent stats, so with a proper rotation, (I can hardly write the word rotation here without snerking) being a hefty little put outer is very possible.  The use of the word rotation in the last sentence is a bit misleading.  Plazlo’s rotation at this point is as follows: Open with Mutilate for 2 combo points, (now we get into the meaty part of the rotation) then another Mutilate getting us to 4 combo points, then wait, (while auto-attacking) then Eviscerate, then wait, wait, wait, Mutilate, wait, wait, wait, Mutilate, wait, Eviscerate, and that brings us back to waiting and starting all over.  At this point, a mut. rogue has no Garrote, no Rupture, no Envenom, no Murderous Intent for faster Backstabs when an enemy is below 35%, no Overkill for faster energy gain when coming out of stealth, no Fan of Knives, not even a Slice and Dice for buffing your attacks.  So, really we have 2 buttons.  We do have an interrupt with Kick and a pseudo interrupt with Gouge, WEEEEEEEEEE! Actually, I do make use of these quite often.

The last couple of tidbits of this post’s realizations has to do with weaponry.  Typically, rogues will shoot for a slow, high max damage weapon in the main hand for special attacks (1.8 speed).  For the off-hand weapon, typically a speedy weapon (1.4 speed) is used to apply poisons faster and especially build up 5 stacks of deadly poison to be used for hard hitting envenoms.  With the dagger options available at this level, without using a low level (green I wanna say) dagger, finding a suitable 1.4 dagger is not very feasible.  So, *anticipates gasp* Plaz has been poking with two 1.8 daggers. *ducks and covers* I do feel a little dirty doing this, though neither Envenom or deadly poison are available at level 20 and I’m not sure faster applications of instant poison (or crippling poison for PvP) is such a big concern at this point.  Sooooo, I’m not really sure there is a necessity to be using a 1.4 in the off-hand at this point.  As it stands, I’ve just been shooting for a high dps 1.8 or 1.7 for the off-hand.  If anybody has any input on this, I’d love to hear it. The last little bit about weaponry has to do with the thrown weapon.  For alliance, it appears there is not a really good option for a thrown weapon with any decent stats at this level. Sooooo, I’ve just been throwing a decent bow in that slot to give little Plaz some extra stats. I’ve just been keeping a basic thrown in my bags for situational needs.

Well, that’s about the way of it at this point.  In looking around on the web and talking to others about trial playing, several people mentioned that it is pretty much a one player game, and really I believe it mostly is. You can join parties, though not initiate them, and run 5 mans and battlegrounds, but that’s about it. It still has been pretty fun though. Oh, and another thing, getting rep for the main factions goes stupid fast now. As I’ve learned, one can just throw on the proper faction tabard, gain increased rep for that faction in dungeons, and blow wheels. As it stands, Plazlo is exalted with Gnomeregan and about halfway through revered with Ironforge, so in another few hours running 5s, he’ll be scooping the loop on a shiny new ram. I hope to get him an elek soon as well.  Anyway, hope things are going well for everyone and if anyone has any ideas/advice, feel free to send ’em my way.

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3 Responses to WoW Single Player Mode

  1. sembre says:

    Love your blog bro, keep up the posts 🙂

  2. Psynister says:

    Your decent stats thrown weapon is either Throat Piercers (+2 Agility, Horde vendor) or Thick Bronze Darts (+2 Strength, BS made). There’s also a Horde quest gives +1 Agi, +1 Stam, +1 Crit, not that it helps you at all as a Gnome (just saying). They don’t stand up, stats-wise, to an Eventide Bow (2 Agi, 3 Stam, 1 Crit), Crossbow of the Crown (2 Agi, 2 Stam, 2 Crit), or a Naga Heartpiercer (4 Agi), but they’re the best you can get under the circumstances if you want a shot at a ranged slow.

    The fastest 1.4 Dagger with good stats is the Doomspike (15-30 Dmg, 16.3 DPS, +4 Agi, +4 Stam) which is a zone drop in BFD (good luck with that). I think I found one a couple of years ago…maybe.

    • revoemag says:

      Thanks for the advice on the thrown. I was just daydreaming about getting a decent thrown the last night. I have been keeping some white level darts or some such in my bag for specific instances, only to forget I have them. I can think of many times where crippling poison on a thrown weapon would be extremely useful. Think I’m just gonna have to leave a thrown equipped at least in BGs.

      That’s one nice thing about having to do BFD some more. The Naga Heartpiercer, Doomspike, and Ring of Precision all drop there, or at least they’re supposed to, hehe. I had thought about using the Bite of Serra’kis as an off-hand, but with no stats and poison procs from it breaking gouge, I dismissed the idea. Wasn’t sure the resil from the Sharpened Scarlet Kris is all that worth it, and with Doomspike offering better dps, faster speed, and better Agi, Doomspike it is, or will be, in theory. 🙂

      Hope to see you out there sometime! On my team of course. 😉

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