Ok, so I’m back to having a paid wow account again. Made a little Plazlo pseudo-twin named Revlo and sneaked my way into the Avengers of Azeroth guild on Ursin.  Just thought I’d put up some of his wardrobe developments that he’s had along the way.  Right now, he’s sitting at 64 and I will be putting up more screenshots in this post as he approaches max level.  I took these with the advanced view option in the armory so I could remember what gear he had on at the time.  So far, I’ve kept all of the quest reward gear for possible transmog purposes.  Fun.

Two by two, hands of blue?

This might be my favorite so far.

Not a great deal of difference from the previous, aside from the obvious. I do wish the dagger's purple aura would show on the armory.

If I were a rogue in real life, I probably would not wear this helm.

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One Response to Revlospective

  1. Gladly says:

    Very nice, love the progression of images. Great idea!

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