Late Wrath, Early Cata Learnings

The Oculus kinda sucks.

Goggles are awesome.

I actually really like it when a tank throws up a skull every now and then during a boss fight to let me know which mob they are planning on having me stab. Naz’jar and Ozumat come to mind.

Cata dungeon bosses require more thought, er uh…. doing more things.

Tricks of the Trade is awesome.  Exploding on a mob and blaming it on the tank is great.  Also awesome is to Tricks the mouthy hunter and Spam of Knives in a group of mobs. (in theory) 😉

Shadowdance is to be used like Wayne Gretzky hit the puck; hard, often, and with authority.

Alright, I hate the Oculus!

Subtlety is awesome, even if the rotation is more complicated.  It feels the most uniquely rogue to me.  Though, I will have to be able to go combat sometimes. 😦

There is a teleporter there.

I prefer the Dwarven District.

Macros, macros, macros!

It is actually quite common for tanks not to know the fights.  Also common that they leave Ulthok in his dark fissures on the ground, or Ghur’sha in his mind fog.

There are portals there.

Engineering is awesome.

Engineering bag is awesome.

Son of a &%*#, it put me in the $%#&@ Oculus! If anyone dies after the first boss, I’m leaving.

I’m not fond of the end of the Ozumat fight when I’m gigantic and can’t see anything but a zoomed in view of my back.

I am very fond of doing more things on boss fights (killing chains, absorbing purple stuff, dodging stabbing bits of earth).

I need a new belt.

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