This is My Axe. There Are Many Like it, But This One is Mine.

Before I get to the axe part, I thought I’d take a second to give a report on the state of things.  As you can probably see from my last few picture posts, Revlo‘s been working out a few max level things.  He’s run the LFR several times, having good luck with drops.  He’s focused on making some of the more fun engineering toys.  He’s focused on making gold through engineering, which really isn’t all as bad as you may hear.  He’s focused on the Molten Front dailies. You know, he’s focused on quite a few things. Not all the things, but a good number of them.  He’s gotten a lot done and I am pleased.

Apparently, my World Destroyer (Steve) also works security for Auctioneer Hesse.

Tonight, (actually at this point I’ve finished it) I’m planning on the little bugger finishing off his Jaws of Retribution quests for the Fear/Vengeance dagger combo.  Now today, I had the chance to read Chase Christian’s post on No’Kaled, the Elements of Death vs. the rogue legendary quest chain daggers.  In short, for those who aren’t obsessively familiar with these (like me), there are 3 levels of No’Kaleds; the LFR version, normal raid version, and heroic raid version.  There are also 3 sets of daggers in the legendary quest chain, depending on how far along you are.  Anyway, the current spreadsheets and calculations, according to Chase, show that when comparing the lower two tiers (at least) of No’Kaleds and daggers, that No’Kaled is a better option dps-wise for combat spec.  Shadowcraft has shown this for a while, but on EJ there is also a disclaimer that the No’Kaled proc is pretty overvalued with Shadowcraft. In reading that, I had always planned on just equipping the Fear/Vengeance combo and rolling combat with them.  Well, in light of Chase’s post and other rogues’ comments, I’ll be wielding the odd combo of No’Kaled/Vengeance instead as I am at the first stage of daggers vs. the LFR No’Kaled.

Oops! Wrong toon entirely. Hey there Tyr!

Some people might be a little let down by the notion of working some tough rogue-specific quests and dropping 10K gold on Fear/Vengeance only to not use the main-hand weapon, Fear.  I, oddly enough, was actually a little excited when I read Chase’s post.  I really can’t say exactly why this makes me happy and relieved.  The feeling is definitely rooted in my playing combat.  I used to hate the idea of being a combat rogue.  It always felt to me to be the most un-rogue like spec of the three, but after switching to combat somewhere around level 84, I just like it.  I loved sub and still do, but the positional requirements are tough.  Assassination is great, but I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the simplicity of combat.  Positional requirements just aren’t a big deal and the rotation is very managable.  Right now, according to Shadowcraft, combat is the top dps spec for me given current gear, including using Fear and Vengeance.  Granted Shadowcraft is not infallible I’m sure.  So why am I happy to keep using that big glowing axe? I’m not sure on that.  I think in some ways, I feel a little dirty using a dagger as combat.  It just feels wrong.  Maybe in the same vein I would feel wrong using an axe/mace/sword for assassination or subtlety.  I’ve also grown quite attached to that axe.  I was excited to get into Dragon Soul, even the LFR version, and get a shiny weapon drop on madness.  I always feel bad putting away significant gear that I’ve been using, but such is the way.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I cheered up a bit when I saw some confirmation to the notion of rolling with No’Kaled/Vengeance. I dunno. It’s just my reaction. Of course the daggers will rock for when I wanna go sub or mut, so that is also exciting.  Getting them really opens up all the spec possibilities for me.

Preparing to do the /wave.

Other things…  hmmm…. I’ve been gettin my flame on in the Molten Front.  Finished unlocking all the vendors and got the big red and yellow bird.  I would like to get the flamebreaker title achievement, so I will continue working on at least a portion of the dailies.  I also think I will also have to buy a bear cub.  Throwing those little guys has been pretty fun, but dog gone it they’re cute.  It’s a chunk of gold to buy one, but man they’re just so fuzzy and adorable.  I want a buddy.

I’d like to get the tier 13 shoulders and complete the LFR set if I can, so LFR every week.  If I can make it to some normal raids, I’d love to, but scheduling is pretty tricky for me, which brings me to my next topic.  My wife and I found out a month or so ago, that she is expecting, and we are thrilled.  Speaking realistically though, I’m not sure I will be playing much longer.  In reality, there are a ton of things I’d like and need to do in preparation for the little Revlet, Revling, what have you.  So, wow playing will probably be going away for a while at least.  In writing this, I just re-upped my subscription, so I imagine I will be around on and off for the next few weeks finishing up some goals, but that may be all.  Who knows though, I might still be around in a few months.  Sad to be winding down, but very, very happy times ahead with the family.  I love the wow community and I’ll be around, lurking, sneaking, rogue-ing, ready to pounce and bite knees.  We’ll see how many goals I can get crammed in here in the next few weeks. 😉  Hmmm… I’d better start taking more screenshots too.

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