Mount Day

Ok, so the night before last I got my 10th mount and the Stable Keeper achievement.  Upon getting the achievement, a guildie said grats and then something similar to, “40 more and you get a mount.”  I had not looked at the general achievements in a while so this came as somewhat of a surprise and got me thinking,  “I am exalted with the main city factions.  I wonder how close I can get to 50.”  Well, very close in fact.  The next morning I flew around spending gold, buying any mount I could and was able to acquire 39 more mounts bringing me to 49.  At that point, however, I was pretty much out of easy and affordable options.  So the curse of “one short” had struck and that night I spent time questing, running Twilights, and the LFR and was able to come up with enough gold for one final mount.  So, I was broke again, but now have some new mounts to play with.  It’s amazing how many things I overlook in the game by focusing on one thing or another.  It’s kind of fun though to remember yesterday as the day I acquired 40 mounts.

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