Not Batman. Hobopajamaman.

Well, after a few days of downtime without a laptop power cord, I jumped back on last Saturday and was able to knock off a few goals as a went.  The goal of getting Revlo to ilevel 390 was accomplished with a few upgrades.  After a quick Twiroic run I was able to purchase a VP necklace, Cameo of Terrible Memories.  Then around midnight, I decided to jump in LFR.  @jedimas was already in the queue with @hestiahdruid, @slowpoker, and @ekinara and they graciously allowed me to run with them.  This was a blast, even with a wipefest the likes of which I had never seen on Blackhorn and a complete drop group/requeue by our party.  After running both halves, I came away with my tier shoulder token and Wrath of Unchaining.  With both of these pieces, Revlo hit 390.  Getting the Blackfang Battleweave Spaulders allowed me to finish up another goal as well, getting 5/5 tier 13 LFR.  I was also able to hit some personal dps goals during the run as well which made me happy.  All in all, it was a great night of getting back into it, except for the complete Ultraxion “OMG why isn’t my Heroic Will button binding working, crap I’m using that binding for something else now and the button doesn’t show up on the screen, stop fighting, re-bind, try, not working, stop fighting, re-bind, errors, just give up and take all Hour of Twilights while Cloak of Shadows is on cooldown and look like a tool.”

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