I’m gonna try and keep this short, but we’ll see how that goes.  Wanted to get a quick log entry in here as things have switched gears quite a bit.  I let my account expire again about 3 weeks or so ago because there have been lots of things going on irl.  Of course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to squeeze in some playing on one of the F2P twinks.  So, I thought I’d pick up where I left off last fall with Plazlo as he still has a few BoA pieces to get.  Within the first couple days of running some battlegrounds though, I quickly realized that Alliance needs healers, with a thunder.  I really didn’t want to switch classes up until Plaz was a little more geared, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to try out a healer because I had never seriously tried to heal anything and because our side needed them.

Anyway, it took me about a week or so to get her (Plazzers the disc. priest) to 20 and beefed up at least enough to be useful and from there, it has been a blast.  Healing in lowbie dungeons was pretty straightforward really.  I read around and talked to some people to get some tips and it’s been fine.  Healing in battlegrounds though required a much more involved toolset.  It’s been quite the learning experience in multi-tasking to this point.  I’ve got to pay attention to my team’s health, to my health, play offense, play defense, look at floating unit frames, look at raid frames, keep my position optimal, check the enemy’s target, change focus target, hit the rejuv hut, drink, etc. etc.  Now quite a few of these things apply to when I was rogueing as well, but with healing there are a lot more things to pay attention to all the time, not to mention pesky rogues doing their job of pressuring and interrupting me.  There was also more time put in outside of battles setting up raid frames and targetting/casting macros and there are still things I keep coming up with that would be nice to have/set up.  All in all, it’s great fun.  A very different and enjoyable role.

A new UI.

For the immediate future, Plazzers will be BoE chest farming for Magician’s Mantle, fishing in the STV tourney for the rare fish LFH reward, and fighting/ninja-ing in Gurubashi as she is sitting 2/12 for her first AGM at the moment.  I really can’t say enough how much fun I have with F2P twinks.  It’s a whole different world, gameplay, and community than pay to play.  If anybody has a little spare time between projects and is looking for straight ahead fun of a different sort, I highly recommend a F2P account.  I would of course suggest Ursin as a great home as well.  Sure there are communities out there like Aerie Peak with 60 – 80 people on during busy hours, but twinking on a low pop server definitely has some big advantages, especially when farming gear.  Plus Ursin has a lot of fun people to interact with at higher levels or with their alts.  If anybody actually reads this, and heaven forbid decides to roll on Ursin, just sign in to the f2ptwink channel and if I’m on, give me a shout.  Always happy to run people through things if they need a tank, or now heals.  There, I kept it short.

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