CTA: WSG or I’m Goin Back to Pally, Pally, Pally

Last weekend was Call to Arms: Warsong Gulch for those of you who pay attention to the battleground events.  I didn’t have a great deal of time last weekend, but the plan was to hit WSG hard and fast with Plazzers as much as possible to at least get her enough honor for the Grand Staff of Jordan.  After a handful of games with her on Friday morning though, I was just weary of playing her and after playing even the small amount that I had on Revwyn the previous couple days…. wait…. I’d better back up a little.

In preparing for the upcoming CTA and for general gearing purposes, Plazzers had been spending some serious time BoE chest farming for the Magician’s Mantle.  This involves running around ~level 25 zones and hitting up the spawn points for treasure chests that guarantee to drop a blue item of a roughly that level range (maybe + or – 5 levels or something).  A couple or so chests respawn every 6 hours in a zone (I’ve heard 8 hours, I’ve heard 5 hours, let’s just say 6 and be done with it) so you can check these zones a few times a day if you want.  I used to want, and now I do not.  So in reading this lovely method of trimming down how much time you spend doing this and unfortunately, but acceptably, your total chests opened, I decided to try it.  In essence the method involves taking some other existing toons or making new ones to sit on the Dark Iron Chests spawn points in the Wetlands.  At your chosen time of day, you log in with each toon, open the chest if it’s there and hope to see your desired item.  Since F2Ps can’t mail or trade, you cannot loot the item and you need to have the toon looking for the item nearby to get there before the chest despawns.  I have no idea how long this is, but you at least have 5 minutes or so as I’ve done this with Revwyn to have her grab the Diamond Hammer.

Anyway, I used Revwyn as one of the “lookouts” and hadn’t played her since hmmm…. maybe November?  In playing her briefly while checking chests and getting swarmed by mobs about 4 or 5 levels higher, I quickly discovered again how awesomely fun she is to play.  Plazzers as a disc. Priest can get swarmed and keep going, that’s no issue, but Revwyn…. holy smokes she can take a beating and put out a serious pounding.  Plazzers is maybe more bursty in ways, but Revwyn was… I dunno just so much fun!  The result of these few minutes of playing her was a massive itchy craving to play her again in battlegrounds and just in general.

Now then, back to the original topic here of CTA.  I played Plazzers Friday morning and by Saturday, it was full on Revwyn from there on out.  Plazzers was fun, but I really was wanting to shift gears out of the ranged sometimes damage/mainly healing.  Revwyn was a welcome relief for that.  I will flat out say that prot pallies in this bracket are way OP (I hate that term, but really they are).  With 3 people attacking Plazzers at once she’ll die pretty quickly, even with hefty self heals.  With 3 attacking Revwyn, she likely won’t win, but she lasts a loooooong time.  With Avenger’s Shield and Hammer of Justice she’s got a silence, a 6 second stun (yeah, that’s right… 6…. seconds), and two interrupts.  Not to mention that Avenger’s Shield can hit multiple people very hard.  Maybe not Mack truck hard, more like 85 Suburban hard, but still.  Also Exorcism is her hardest hitting ability, which is ranged.  Throw in defensive abilities like Lay on Hands, Hand of Protection, and general heals and pallies are extremely powerful and versatile.  Even with very little in-game coordination between players, a group of 3 or 4 pallies holding hands can really be a tough obstacle.  They all heal each other, they all put out decent damage, they all can stun and interrupt heavily.  Even if you focus one, the other three will generally pick up the slack and heal the one being focused.  So, OP – yes, fun – absolutely.

In the end I’m actually not restricted to playing just Revwyn now.  Even last night I went back to Plazzers a bit and am looking forward to playing Plazlo again.  The great thing is that playing different classes and roles has really given some terrific insight into how to play each class better.  In getting a full on healing UI and mentality going for Plazzers, I was much better equipped to play a pally.  I still keep those raid frames centrally located and really keep an eye on who is taking some serious damage and needs a heal.  A team survival priority is much higher for me now than it ever has been.  Not that it wasn’t a priority, it’s just more in the forefront for me now.  Anyway, that’s it for now.  Didn’t have any screenshots for this week either.  Harrumph.

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