What She’s Wearing Right Now

So, for reference I thought I’d throw up some of the gear sets that Revwyn uses or will be using regularly.  Keep in mind here that the twinking PVP prot pally has some different priorities statwise than the standard PVE or tanking priorities.  On a battleground team, they quickly become a utility hybrid.  Sometimes they carry the flag, sometimes they dps, sometimes they heal, and oftentimes, they do all of these.  Now in order to do these things well, you generally need more intellect than the standard strength/stamina stacking will provide.  So, to achieve this, you end up with some not-so-standard gearing choices, which in my opinion makes twinking a lot of fun and more personal.  As a side note, I currently am very much enjoying number crunching these things and finding practical ways to compare stamina, armor, avoidance, resilience, etc.

The generally accepted prot pally all around PVP set (for Draenei) looks like this.  Now, because of a non-optimal gearing decision I made with Revwyn when PVP twinking was not on my radar, (yeah, we’ll just leave it at that) she will not be able to use Thaelrid’s Greaves/Redbeard Crest (linked by quest reward choice). My current thinking for her for most, if not all, sets is to use Foreman’s Leggings /Shield Against the Evil Presence.  This does make her lack some significant crit and intellect compared to Thaelrid’s/Redbeard, though she’s a little stronger, a little more armor heavy, and has a slightly more parry.  She will then oftentimes be buffing intellect instead of strength to make up the difference (Minor Wizard Oil, Scroll of Intellect II, Elixir of Wisdom, etc.). How much intellect will largely depend on the specific PuG that she is in.  If she’s on a team with little to no healers, she’ll stack heavy intellect and maybe even run with some different pieces. (shown below)  If the team has a couple or more solid healers, she’ll buff more strength/attack power.

So, the sets.  All sets will focus on keeping 5% hit (for Draenei) and then using the situationally appropriate stamina, strength, intellect, crit, etc.  These sets are always a work in progress and might change a bit.

PVP All Around

Flag Carrier

PVE All Around

PVE Tank (might possibly go with Champion belt and cloak for the avoidance depending on healer, pulls, and even dps. Not sure.)

(possible oddballs)
PVP Heavier Healing (might use some or possibly all of these pieces)

Meat Shield/Stamina Above All (even armor and 5% hit)

Well, that’s it. Not much more to say than that right now. 🙂

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