Still Going

Been a while since the last post and yes, I’m still lurking around. Time recently has been largely split between Plazzers and Revpock as they are currently my favorite twinks to play. Plazlo is always fun too, he just hasn’t been getting much time. Revwyn has been largely abandoned, though I’m sure I’ll pick her up again someday.

News? Hmmmm….. Probably the most exciting happening recently has been that Plazzers finally got her Magician’s Mantle.  After opening many, many, many, many, many BoE chests she got it yesterday.  Just in time for AB weekend too. 🙂 Next thing for her will be getting that Lucky Fishing Hat and the Inherited Insignia of the Alliance. She’ll also keep getting PVE BoAs for dungeon running I suppose. It would be nice to use more of them as a battleground healer for the increased spell power, mana pool, and crit, but the sizable stamina boost and 4% spell hit from PVP BoAs and various drop gear will always be too tempting to discard. What set she equips might depend on the team though, which is a topic for another post altogether.

Darkmoon Faire has been great for everybody recently.  Well, really only Plazzers and Revpock picked up a BoA during July’s, but Plazlo got started, finally, and is sitting around 50 prize tickets for the next faire. At this point, with PVE BoAs so easy to obtain during the DMF, I think I will be putting each twink’s Honor Points toward PVP gear or really the Inherited Insignia. It’s much more efficient use of time to not have to convert Honor Points to Justice Points.

In short, that’s it. It’s really nice to be getting some competitive gear on all the twinks. I don’t feel as pressured to go all out and grind hard during Call to Arms weekends or even during the Darkmoon Faire. I can just log in and run a battleground or a dungeon for funs if I feel like it. Though it is Arathi Basin Call to Arms today. Hmmmmm….

Oh, almost forgot. Plazzers actually mogged some things, hehe.

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