Powerful in Pink…. or some such

So, I’ve recently not been playing my little F2Ps at all; however, the mid-week Call to Arms last week happened to be Arathi Basin. I find it very hard to pass up the bonus honor and quick queue times of any Call to Arms especially when it’s AB. Honestly, AB is my favorite battleground, even outside of F2P. I’m not sure why that is. It could be because it was the first BG that I ever attempted and spent a lot of time in. Moreover I think it’s the focus on teamwork and not putting the lion’s share of the focus into killing one person, the flag carrier. Anyway, when queue times go from 40 minutes down to 6 minutes with Call to Arms, it’s hard not to play a few games.

Revwyn memories.

When I last left off playing, Tims was getting most of my attention. He still has several BoAs to get for a few sets. But for some reason, I’ve been drawn more to playing Revwyn again. Some might assume this is because prot pallies are currently the flavor of the month for F2P PVP, but for me it’s been for a couple of other reasons.

1. PVE tanking with all the added AoE abilities at level 20. Chain pulling was always a big pain in 4.x with Revwyn because of her lack of AoE. Now she can easily pull entire rooms and have no problem holding aggro, especially in Valor and Soldier gear. She does need some steady healing, but with health boosts in MoP she has plenty of overhead.

2. Prot pallies no longer significantly benefit from Intellect for low level PVP. That may sound like a small thing, but for me it really isn’t. In 4.x prot pallies were very powerful hybrid healers/tanks on the battlefield. With this, they weren’t given a very large mana pool, though this could be improved with Intellect. So, your gearing and buffs needed to balance Strength and Intellect to be as effective as possible. With MoP though, specs were given a set mana pool that Intellect will not affect, and for prot pallies, that pool is very small. Not so small as to completely negate prot’s healing, but small enough to make you use each heal when it counts. In theory Intellect would still affect Spell Power, but due to Guarded by the Light, spell power can only be gained from Attack Power at a 50% rate for prots. Now Intellect for them only affects spell crit and at a very small coefficient. So, gone are the days of gearing and buffing Intellect as prot. For Revwyn this is a positive in that in Cata, before I knew any better, I chose heavy strength quest reward gear for her, at the loss of some key Intellect pieces. Now though, she is more effectively geared and that just plain feels better. It’s also nice to be using sharpening stones again instead of Minor Wizard Oil. 🙂

What was once green is now pink. Look at all those Horde pallies. Pay no attention to my pally contribution.

These reasons brought me to her just before Arathi Basin Call to Arms and I continued to run with her for several games. This of course does contribute to the over abundance of pallies in battlegrounds, but it was nice to play her again with the changes. She was able to pick up the Inherited Insignia of the Alliance with the honor she earned which almost completes her PVP all around set. She still has to get Foreman’s Leggings though, which she’s been working on for too long. One of these drops will hopefully yield them.

All in all, I’ve missed Revwyn. She was always a lot of fun to play and still is. The gear sets she uses are much simpler now, which is great. (see previous post) I realize this post went from Call to Arms AB into pally love, but I guess that’s kind of how my playing has been lately. Only in reverse. And inverted. And maybe retrograde….. Whatevs.

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