BlixxersFor the past few months, I’ve had kind of an itching to make a warlock. Whether it was seeing a destro lock in a dungeon who was pumping out damage, or seeing a demo lock in battlegrounds leaping all over the field dropping big purple boulders on people – I was just intrigued. My first main was a warlock, an undead afflock that I leveled to 80 and then left sitting in Thousand Needles when Cata launched. Anyway I was familiar with warlocks, it had just been a while since I’d wanted to play one. In growing a little weary of my alliance toons last week, I decided it was time to return to the horde, at least for a bit. I also had never played a goblin and so I WoWScrnShot_040212_175116figured it was a clear choice. Out of all this warlock seduction, Blixxers was made. I’ve been playing him for about a week now and it has been great. I haven’t played a horde character in at least a year, so it was nice to revisit Undercity and many of the horde specific zones. As it stands now, he has his all around pvp set pretty much complete (short of BoAs). Gearing him was nearly identical to Plazzers, so I figured it only made sense to take a comparative snapshot of little green guy. Not gonna write any more on him right now, just that he is currently taking part in CtA: WSG weekend to build up some honor. Outside of that, he generally hangs out in Duskwood for some scrapping. Oh, and currently he is demo for mediocre damage and an outstanding mobility/utility toolset.

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