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Update: It’s been about 9 months since I’ve posted anything on here. I think it’s time for a little freshening up and updating. I am still playing a shaman quite a bit, but pretty much as resto exclusively now. A few months back I wanted a change of pace and so I made a Horde shammy, Pockers. Having been twinking for a couple of years, I’m frankly kind of burnt out on the gear grind. In gearing her up I didn’t, and haven’t, put a great deal of focus on getting an LFH, MM, swift pot recipe, and some other things. I do try for them, just not so consistently. Having a lot of commitments in real life keeps my WoW time fairly limited, and I’d rather spend that time doing fun things like battlegrounding, instead of farming particular items. So far this has worked out just fine. Pockers isn’t BiS, but she’s geared enough to have fun and be competitive on most levels.

Fun: Over the last couple of years, I really didn’t play much with other people. I was on Ursin, and there really weren’t many people around. Other twinks would come and go, but really I didn’t consistently see many people. That all changed a few months ago when I learned that a tight-knit group of friends from the 19s had been rolling on Ursin. I got in on a few games with them, had a lot of fun, and still play with some of them from time to time. Playing with them taught me quite a bit about team play. There is so much strategy that can be had by playing with a team, communicating in Skype. I would say playing with these guys pretty much jump-started my desire to improve as a player again. Since then, I’ve been much more active on twinkinfo.com and making more game friends.

Speaking of friends, rolling Horde has really brought me in touch with many more notable players from twinkinfo than by playing on Alliance. It has been a blast playing alongside players now, who previously were on the opposing team. I would say my fun has increased dramatically in playing Horde side. There’s also that thing about shorter queue times, heh. It’s hard to beat getting a Horde WSG pop in less than a minute compared to Alliance’s 10 minute WSG wait. This also ties into having less time to play and getting quality fun time out of a limited window.


Standard Set Mog

Something Shammy: Well, I suppose I’d better put in something more about playing than about general updating. So, here are a couple of resto sets that I commonly switch between in WSG. Level 20 shammies are not the most defensive healing class at the moment. We have good armor, but our escape abilities are none (unless you have a helpful racial). This generally leads to us restos reasonably stacking stamina. Intellect is helpful to a small degree, due to Battle Fatigue. Since Intellect is less valuable, Crit and Haste become much more useful stats for PVP healing. Anyway the first set, here, is my standard playing set when there is a strong potential that I am going to be attacked while in a battle. (Keep in mind stats on Chardev are not accurate, this is just an easy way to take a look at the gear).

Free-Healing Mog

Free-Healing Mog

The second option, here, is for “free-healing”, more when I can cast undisturbed. The most common time that I use this set is when our FC is in our FR on cap or anywhere ground floor, and I am on the roof. This set absolutely helps in keeping an FC alive during assaults where the focus is strictly on them. In battlegrounds with scaling, the set gets me to about 18.x% crit, and 5.92% haste (if I recall correctly). Stamina is much lower with this set, but it’s pretty much a glass cannon healing set. More spirit would also be good, but right now I’ve been finding the Crit and Haste more valuable. The times where I’ve used this set and gone oom, I’ve just used a Lesser Mana Potion. I have yet to go oom a second time while using this set. If it becomes an issue, I’ll have to change some things around. Paired with Lifeblood, this set has helped me keep someone up much better than the standard set. I might add a second Swift Hand of Justice to it when I get one, but the Insignia is still useful if I happen to get hit by a Scatter Shot or some such during an assault.

Well, that brings some things up to date a bit. I suppose you could say that Pockers is my main now, though I still bounce back to some other toons periodically. Hopefully, I can update on here a little more frequently. See you out there!

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