The Pledge of the F2P Enhancement Shaman (6.0.3)

Oh how I long for the days of the Cataclysm. To have the tools and damage necessary to be a force with which to be reckoned. Earthbind totem where have you gone? Earth Shock I do miss you so. Damage and burst on par with other classes, perhaps I miss you most. I will play as Restoration and partially enjoy it. I will even play as Elemental and not hate it. And yet… Enhancement, you are my first and true love. Yes, I will play with sub-par damage. YES, I will play with an arsenal of macros to make myself as useful as possible. YES! I will find glory in the clutch interrupts, instant shield and Aura of Protection purges, and absurdly large Healing Surges. YES!!!! I WILL play as an Enhancement Shaman!

I will carry a ridiculous amount of Lesser Mana Potions. I will burn through Elixirs of Minor Agility just to get my damage to a not quite acceptable level. I will live on Bloodmyst Isle to stock 10 Crystals of Ferocity for every battleground. I will live with a whopping 3 item slots available in my bags, due to all the silly intellect gear and consumables for Elemental and Restoration. I will proudly wear those rare gear pieces that I spent so much time farming, just to make Enhancement a little less bad. I will do all this and more because I will play as an Enhancement Shaman!

I will run into the heat of battle, just to spread my Flame Shock. I will step right up to that Shadow Priest. I will speed pot into the enemy pack at the flag in Eye of the Storm, just to Thunderstorm as many of them off of the bridge as possible. I will…. wait… that last one was an Elemental ability. Ok, I will keep my riptide on as many of my comrades as possible, just to keep their Ancestral Vigor up. I…. hold on, ok that one was a Resto ability that doesn’t even exist anymore. Alright then, I will purge, purge pur….. crap all the shammy specs have purge. What the hell does Enhancement have that Ele/Resto don’t?! Nothing?! Really?!!! Ok, they have Lava Lash…. They are….. melee. They can cast 5 strong heals in a row… (Yes, yes I know Ele can cast many more heals that are nearly as strong). That’s it!? Oh wait, I almost forgot, they benefit nicely from haste. Ya know what, SCREW this!!!! I will NOT play as an Enhancement Shaman!

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