Below is the original “About” for the blog.  I’ll leave it there for nostalgia.  Anyway, things have progressed quite a bit since then.  Currently I do a lot of F2P twinking and when I’m subscribed, mostly rogue stuffs. Over the years the blog has really become more of a WoW journal for memories and sharing with friends.  Sometimes I ramble, sometimes I’m subtle.  I like numbers, I like fun, I like WoW, and I like to converse about them.


Original “About”

I am officially a newb when it comes to wow.  I started playing when given the “refer a friend” offer from some friends.  After playing for a bit, they invited me to join their guild, the Autonomous Collective on the realm Uther and I proudly accepted. Needless to say, I love wow.  I played Warcraft II and Warcraft III pretty heavily, and wow is now my official time suck, siphoning the life out of me and bringing me hours of enjoyment.  With my schedule, I will more than likely not be a raider; however, I very much want to play my toons to their full potential.  I would like to be prepared to PUG as time permits and most likely will be involved in 5 mans with the Collective.  I also love PVP.  I wouldn’t say I like it more than PVE, though it is another excellent flavor of the game, very different from PVE.  I spend a good deal of time checking out blogs, forums, youtube videos, etc in order to learn as much as I can about the ins and outs of my toons.  Srotacilpud, my main, is an affliction warlock and is a fairly young level 80.  Sooooo, obviously I am not an authority on any topic relating to wow, being a newb, and that brings me to the purpose of this blog.  I really want this to be a fun/serious blog, an excellent learning tool for myself, and hopefully others.  That being said, I hope others will comment and leave feedback and suggestions to the topics I will be writing about.

Welcome to the blog!


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